Alert Systems

County Outdoor Warning Sirens


Our County Outdoor Warning Sirens (COWS) are located at several places within the City of Bowling Green and Warren County. These sirens are activated when a tornado warning is issued for Warren County. The COWS are meant to be an alert for anyone outside, they are not meant to be heard inside of buildings. 



The Community Activated Lifesaving Voice Emergency System (CALVES), are located within several building such as schools, daycares, hospitals, long term care facilities, government offices, fire stations, and law enforcement offices. These are activated when there is a severe thunderstorm warning or a tornado warning issued for Warren County.

Programming Your Weather Radio


It is very important to have a weather radio within your home. These allow you to have a personal alerting process within your home in the instance that your cellular device or your television service cuts out. 

Warren County Emergency Management recommends that you program the Kentucky Counties to the west of Warren in order to be the most weather aware and to give you the most amount of lead time before a warning.

County SAME Codes

Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) codes allows for programming for only your county and those surrounding you for increased warning time.  All SAME codes start with 0, followed by their state’s identifier, followed by the specific county number. 

Warren County SAME Code: 021227

SAME Codes for the Counties to the West of Warren

  • Butler: 021031 
  • Logan: 021141  
  • Simpson:  021213